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90-day Intensive Residential Treatment Program for alcohol and drug addiction
Midway Recovery Systems


Midway Recovery Systems is a private, non-profit organization which offers a 90-day Intensive Residential Recovery Program for alcohol and drug addiction for males twenty-one (21) and older. Midway Recovery Systems is a subsidiary of Midway Apartments, Inc., and is a nondiscriminating, nondenominational organization and is registered tax exempt with the Internal Revenue Service.

Midway Recovery Systems is also certified by the State of Georgia Board of Pardons and Parole. The Midway program is designed to offer a transition in life through a structured therapeutic environment with a recovery emphasis. The Midway program exists to treat people with substance abuse problems and the affected people in their lives and assist them in restoration as productive functioning members of society.

It is the philosophy of Midway Recovery Systems that chemical dependency is a primary, progressive, chronically, debilitating disease, which left untreated can be fatal. Awareness must be directed toward the physical, psychological and spiritual needs of the resident. The program at Midway Recovery Systems recognizes co-dependency and believes that family members require personal awareness of the disease concept and clear role identification in the family system. The aim is to develop and promote a balanced lifestyle through recovery in all three areas of an individual’s life. Involvement of the whole family is emphasized throughout the program.

Further, it is our belief that all residents should have the right, privilege, and easy access to a therapeutic environment conductive to developing a recovery plan utilizing professional staff and peer support groups. The Midway Recovery Systems’ program strives to present educational methods and individualized programs that reflect concern and respect for each individual.

Midway Recovery Systems has a reputation among the recovery community, having admitted referrals from Ridgeview Institute in Smyrna, Georgia, Willingway in Statesboro, and Anchor Hospital in College Park. The Midway staff members are trained and licensed professionals, recognized for their dedication to the victims of the disease of addiction. Midway has a strong history of success with its residents.


Midway Recovery Systems now offers a lecture on the disease of addiction for any company, organization, or school in an effort to better educate the public and provide for a Drug Free Workplace. There is no cost for this lecture.